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77. What? [100themes] Realize
number 77.What? or the 100themes challenge. i didn't start at one.


"He's actually pretty good looking when he's not trying to capture us" Sokka observed to Katara as they shopped for groceries.

"Hmmm" Katara wasn't really listening to him as she picked out a mango, still wondering how people tested for ripeness, the method, as always, remained elusive to her.

"He just walked past the cabbage stall, and I swear every girl and even some of the guys were making eyes at him."

"mmm." She poked at it still, wondering if squishy was better or worse.

"Heck, you've seen him during firebending practice right? When he's shirtless, even I think I might be bi-sexual. The guy's got the body of a god."

"Of course Sokka."

"And that scar! The scar only makes him more attractive, more rugged… or maybe mysterious…it gives him that dangerous aura that girls go for."

"Ugh." The mango sh'ed just picked up was oozing, defiantly not that one."

"You're not even listening to me are you Katara."


"…Do you think he'd let do him? I kind of want to explore my sexuality a bit before I get tied down to someone at the South Pole. I bet his cock tastes divine."


"Kata-OWWww! What? It was your fault for not listening to me!" Sokka cupped the back of his head and whimpered dramatically.

"I didn't hit you Sokka." His sister was looking at him with wide eyes, and beside her was a seething ex-prince.

"Never, NEVER, speak of that again," He threatened, eyes narrowing, glinting in the sun, "or I'll personally castrate you, and make it as painful as possible."

The darker male blushed heavily upon realizing that Zuko had probably heard the whole last part of his one sided conversation. "Uh…yeah. But I swear I was only saying it to get Katara to listen to me! I swear! I-I don't think of you that way…"

The fading crunch of gravel alerted Sokka that the angry teen had stalked away, and after a safe distance had been put between them, Sokka glanced at his sister. "Ok, maybe I was only half kidding. Did you not see just how SEXY he was?"

Katara blushed slightly, "…I-I have to agree he looks better with hair. And that's all I'm going to admit!"

Sokka sniggered, "Well it's probably better that way anyway. After all, the only person he'd chase after is Aang." Sokka didn't notice the quick jolt that drove his sister to drop the fruit she was holding, and ignored the shrill shriek that followed when she realized exactly what he'd been insinuating.

AN: and then for those that are interested, the last line was supposed to be:

"Sokka decided then and there to hold off on informing his sister about the compromising position he'd found the two benders in scant hours before their impromptu shopping trip, till maybe never."

Or something to that effect. yeah. I don't own ATLA or its characters.



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