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Sorting [Chapter 1]
Title: Sorting
Rating: T might turn M
Summary:What chance in the world did Zuko have in beating an ancient magical hat? none he decided as he resigned himself to his fate, hoping briefly that his father wouldn't be too disappointed, but knowing otherwise


Harry Potter/Avatar TLA crossover

Chapter1:The hat

Zuko shuffled into the Great Hall with the First Years and his sister. It was, he contemplated, gazing around at the enchanted ceiling and floating candles, even more awe-inspiring when seen in person. The picture in Hogwarts A History, couldn't even compare.

He felt somewhat awkward traveling to the front of the hall with the munchikins. His father, had insisted upon having private tutors for him from the moment he could walk and talk, but as his sister joined him in his lessons and then surpassed him entirely, he found himself lacking in the malicious cruelty needed to master the Dark Arts that his father Ozai and sister Azula so coveted. Lord knows he'd tried. But some of those spells shouldn't have seen the light of day, and he couldn't cast some of them just on principal. His Father called him weak; too weak to even speak those wretched incantations. He didn't care if "they were just muggles." They were people. And so Ozai had given up on ever making his son a "real man" and focused solely on his lovely, malicious daughter.

But even as he fell behind, he kept up in his other areas of study. Herbology was decent, though not his favorite, potions he was close to exceptional, charms he liked, and divination was just a burr in his side. After three years of "lazing about" as his father claimed, he and his sister had been carted off to Hogwarts with no explanation. Except of course for the words, "you'd better get into Slytherin." Zuko ground his teeth. How could he control that? The history book said that a hat sorted them out. He couldn't control or hold sway of the decisions of a enchanted hat.

Catching his sister's questioning gaze, he shrugged, turning back to the front where more kids where being sorted.

Being a "transfer student" of some sort, he and Azula would be sorted last. Personally, he thought that this was un-necessary and inconvenient. Why did they need to draw even more attention to the new students? Wasn't it nerve wracking enough without all the singling out? People had already formed cliques in his year, how was he supposed to find any friends when they were all taken? he drew the line at his only companion being his baby sister. That was just pathetic. He cursed who ever decided upon this insane mental torture, it was making him anxious and grumpy.

Godric Grinffindor cringed as he glided along in the spirit world, wondering what he'd done now.

Watching the crowd diminish until they were the only one's left, Zuko's fists clenched harder, nails biting into his palms. But of course, he thought, as the headmaster, Dumbledore if he recalled correctly, decided that he needed to make an entire speech in order to explan their sudden appearance and the unique circumstances of their abrupt placement within the school. Nothing could be fast and painless for him could it? He wanted to punch something. Mainly the grinning old man with twinkling eyes calling forth his sister.

Her sorting, had to be the shortest he had witnessed thus far. It was barley a second before the ragged garment was shouting Slytherin! Into the hall, his sister flouncing off to the table in green, a wicked smile crawling onto her painted lips.Bitch…

Stalking up to the tiny stool, he sat closing his eyes so he didn't have to watch everybody else watch him. New people always made him feel weary. His only real social interaction was Uncle, Azula and Ozai. And two of those people weren't much in the way of company.

Let's see, let's see. Hmm…very interesting, very interesting indeed. Nothing like the conniving little snake from before. Are you sure you're related?

He growled at the hat mentally, Of course I'm sure. Mother was never unfaithful.

Hmm, spirfire and sure of yourself, you're smart, but not overly so…now where shall I put you?

He forced himself to keep breathing, Slytherin? The hat actually laughed at his hesitant plea.

Oh my dear boy, I would never put you in such a snakes den. You'd be eaten up in no time flat!

He knew that…after all his sister had been placed there. But he could always hope right?

Feeling rather angry at himself for being such a disappointment, Zuko figured he might as well prepare himself to be the failure his father always proclaimed him to be. Why oh why couldn't he just bend his moral compass into something deformed like Azula's?

So what will it be Zuzu? Hufflepuff of Gryffindor?

Zuko paused, unsure which would upset his father more. Meh, he gave up might as well go all the way. No point doing things in halves…which would make a Slytherin Father most disappointed in you?

Laughing out loud now, the Magical sorting hat stemmed it's chuckling, finally yelling Griffindor!



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