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Sorting [Chapter 4]
Title: Sorting
Rating: T
Summary:What chance in the world did Zuko have in beating an ancient magical hat? none he decided as he resigned himself to his fate, hoping briefly that his father wouldn't be too disappointed, but knowing otherwise


Harry Potter/Avatar TLA crossover


Chapter 4: The Trio

It was with some level or trepidation, that Azula approached the hospital wing.  She expected many things.  Well, not many of those things together, but she suspected something bad. 

What she got, was up to her expectations, and she found that the sight of her brother, swathed in hospital white, and half his face, a blistering red, stark against the pure surroundings, and his natural pale pigment, revolting.  The bile was rising in her stomach, threatening to come out of her mouth, but what came out of her mouth wasn’t bile at all, but words.  Nasty unforgivable words.  Words that she wasn’t certain she wanted to say, much less believe. 

She loved Zuko in her own unusual way.  It wasn’t what someone normal would consider affection, but more of the barbs she threw at him weren’t simply out of malicious intent.  It was just the way they functioned together as a team, and sometimes she could see that Zuko knew this too.  They weren’t supposed to get along, but playing off of one another was what they were made for.  Now her world was falling apart at the seams, rupturing, burning to ash, disintegrating to dust.

Zuko was part of her world. Always was, always had been.  Even if his proven function was to make her life easier, to be the comparison to which she was held to...  And since he was such a spectacular failure, it wasn’t hard for her to excel.  All too easy in fact.  And so that was what she had come to expect.  For Zuko to always be there.  Since he was, always there.  Whenever she was about to be blamed, to be told she wasn’t good enough, he’d do something even more obsolete, and make her look like the perfect sibling.  He was, in a sense, her savior in that aspect, not that she’d admit it even to herself. 

That was her own given function, the perfect one.  The daughter that didn’t make mistakes, was tough as steel, as sure as stone, and had a heart black as pitch.  What was she without Zuko?  Was she still the perfect daughter?  Was her identity still safe?  She wasn’t sure.  Nothing was sure, because she had always been sure that Zuko would be there, and now he couldn’t.  Couldn’t be there.  For her.

But she was functioning as she normally would.  When in doubt, go and chew out Zuko.  It had always worked before, but now, now it wasn’t.  Because she could see the red scar  around an amber eye, the same color as hers, and she realized, if only briefly, that it could have been her, if they had been born differently.  If she had been the failure, the first born, perhaps even the boy. 

It was like looking in a mirror.  And that was what Zuko was, the other side of her mirror.  The other side of her coin.  The white to her black, the yang to her yin.  Her stomach was still rolling, but she steadfastly ignored it.  What was she without her other half?  She didn’t know.  She wished she’d never had to look down this road, never had to travel it.

“Father will never take you back you know.” She spouted, realizing as she said it, the truth of her words.  Her father had marked her brother.  Even if it was unintentional.  The intent was probably to wipe him from the face of the earth.  To erase the stain that he represented to their purely Slytherin line.  But now Zuko was scared so that he would remember his failure every time he looked in the mirror.  She didn’t want to remember it either, but now whenever she looked at herself, she’d notice the lack of it, she’d remember that her features now contrasted with her brother’s, when time after time they’d been told how they looked alike.

Azula, strangely enough, wanted to go and hug her brother.  Throw her arms around his shoulders and hold on tight before finally releasing her forbidden tears into his sleeve where no one, not even herself, could see.  But just like the bile she pushed the impulse down.  It was silly anyway.  She still had to hold her façade.  The mask of the perfect daughter that belonged on her face, was her face.  As she watched her older sibling clench at blankets in fury, she ended her malicious spiel with the same beginning lines, “Zuzu, zuzu, zuzu.´ for some reason, her words now resembled a plea.


“Who’s that?”

A bushy haired Hermione glanced up from studying her new schedule, “That’s Zuko Hinote.  We forgot to mention him when you came back all bloody.  Kind of distracting, you know.”

“Yeah mate, but didn’t you notice the extra bed in our room?”

“Not really.  He a transfer?  We’ve never had a transfer before.  I mean they were common enough in muggle school, but…” Harry trailed off uncertain.

For her part, Hermione sighed dramatically, finally putting her memorized schedule for the day away, finally ready to fully participate in the conversation. “Zuko Hinote, six year academically, first year physically.  Comes from a famous line much like the Malfoys’ complete with reputation for the dark arts.  He’s the first of his line to be a Gryffindor, and he was home schooled for the first years of his education.  He’s pure blood through and through, and he’s been in the hospital wing since yesterday morning, which is probably why you didn’t see him.”

Ron shrugged, “He went to bed pretty early the first night, I don’t think you were the only one who didn’t meet him.  Kinda gloomy, reminds me a bit of Malfoy.” Harry made a face. “Yeah, I didn’t like him much.”

Hermione gave a huff, “Of course you wouldn’t care for anyone that even slightly resembled Draco, but your sister thinks he’s quite the handsome one.  She’s been ignoring Dean since he got here.”  Both males blinked.

“Ginny likes him?”


“She was trying to talk to him yesterday before the incident, but he didn’t seem very interested.  And he looked preoccupied.”

“Is that right?” Harry said, digging into his meal again, intent on digesting something before he had to brave the world of wizard schooling, “He just better not be connected to Voldemort.”

Ron winced and let out a grunt of agreement, while Hermione scoffed softly to herself, nibbling of some toast.  They had enough to deal with, when Malfoy was acting suspicious, they didn’t need another trail to follow.


Zuko chose to ignore the stares that were directed his way the second day of classes.  Madam Promfry had insisted he stay for a while longer, but he’d already missed one day of classes, and the prospect of falling behind held little appeal for him.

Not being a breakfast person, the transfer sat and grabbed an apple to munch on and give him some energy to last till lunch.  Taking out his schedule, he studied the classes he’d be attending for the next year.  NEWT classes, he recalled McGonagall calling them.

He had, or course, taken his OWL’s at home.  A ministry official had showed up on afternoon, and Zuko had taken the tests, no really knowing why he was being examined.  Now he understood and was glad he’d done as well as he had.  His head of House had strolled in yesterday around noon, and approved his classes, asking about his condition and generally making sure he knew that he could come to her if he needed anything.  Zuko wasn’t quite sure what to make out of that.  Where people normally so helpful?  Uncle was, but it was generally known in his house hold that Uncle was strange.  Zuko’d figure out social system used in this world eventually.

Looking at the classroom numbers, Zuko frowned.  Having not attended Hogwarts he had no idea where these places happened to be.  Swallowing down his annoyance at have to rely on someone else, he looked for the closest person, which happened to be a girl with short auburn hair.  “Umm…excuse me.”  She turned and paused in the idle chatter he friends had engaged her in.  She smiled at him, but eyed him expertly, lingering on his newly formed scar.  “Could you tell me where these rooms are?”  he held out his schedule, and almost as a forethought, “Please.”

She took it at his request, and nodded, “Let’s see…” she reached into her bag and pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill.  “I’ll sketch you a rough map.  It’s easier that way.” 

He nodded in appreciation.  “Thank you.”  While waiting for her to finish, he ws struck by his lack of manners.  Not that he used them much.  The best way to deal with his father was to avoid at all costs and stay silent when in his presence.  Ursa hadn’t taught him much in the way of greeting strangers, but one thing she had taught him was; always introduce yourself first.  He swallowed.  “I’m Zuko Hinote, by the way.”

The awkwardness of the late introduction didn’t go unnoticed, as girl glanced up, looking slightly surprised.  “I know.”  Then she smiled.  Everyone knows who you are.”  a smirk, “I am Suki Kiyoshi.  Fifth year student and president of the girl’s Martial Arts club.”  She finished her markings and handed him the paper, ink still wet.  “Good luck getting to class on time.  Also, the stairwells move, so be careful of your route.  You might end up somewhere else.”  He nodded and smiled briefly.  Grabbing his bag so he could go searching for his transfiguration class.  As he left, he heard Suki’s friends burst into excited chatter.  He wasn’t sure he wanted to know what they had to say about him.


AN: And thus out first encounter with the trio.  They don’t seem too fond of our lovely Zuko do they? Oh well.

At least Suki seems to be OK with him.  Don’t worry, she still likes Sokka…at least I think so.  ;D

Now then, as to why this is so late…I decided that I needed to re-read the 6th Harry Potter book , so that I could just enclose our lovely Avatar character(s) into it.  And as I was reading, all I could think of was… “Why is Harry/Ron being such a douche jerk?”  and “Since when did Ginny become a girl-stud-muffin?”  Seriously.  I don’t remember he being mentioned all that much in the past few books.  Was she??  Ugh.  But I was debating whether Zuko should come into possession of the Half-Blood Prince’s potion’s book, and decided no.  because:

1-I already established that he missed the first day of Potions when the book was handed out, and

2-It would probably mess up the plot too much. 

So Harry go to have the book.  Good for him.  I know it wasn’t a very long chapter, and some of you were probably expecting something spectacular, and I’m sorry to have disappointed you.  Hopefully a new chapter will bring more exciting ventures.

I don’t own Avatar the Last Airbender nor Harry Potter.





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